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Sports Massage

Massage has become a well known form of treatment for muscle tension and when used on a regular basis can be useful in preventing overuse injuries. Not only can massage be used as a treatment method for injuries but it can also be used theraputically as it can enhance the removal of everyday aches and pains which can lead to futher injuries if not treated. Below are different types of massage techniques used at The Injury Clinic.



Effleurage is the most common massage technique used and links all forms of massage techniques together. It is performed in a stroking or a gliding movement over an area of skin that is used as the initial contact in massage as well as a draining technique throught a treatment.



This type of technique is required when the therapist is attemping to lift soft tissues away from other structures. Forms of pettrisage are to stretch, lift, knead, roll and squeeze the soft tissue and can be used with the hands, fingers or thumbs. Pettrisage is a great technique for the flushing of waste products within an area and it helps to stretch and broaden muscle fibres. 



Tapotement is a percussion style massage technique that can have great benefits when performed on a client. Tapotement helps to increase blood flow to the treated area and soften the underlying tissues. Due to the fast paced rhythm of tapotement, nerve endings become stimulated which allow muscle contractions to occur overall leading to an increase in muscle tone and also results in reducing fatty deposits in muscle areas. 



Connective tissue runs throughout the entire human body and can be known as facia which helps to protect and support our soft tissues. In areas that have chronic tension, connective tissue techniques can be used to improve posture and increase vitality in clients. 



Purposes of transverse friction massage is to break down scar tissue and adhesions that may be present in tendons and sheaths and can be used to re-align damaged fibres. By treating injuries using transverse friction a more pliable tissue can be formed making surrounding tissues to become less irritated. Transverse friction massage can also be used as a pain relieving technique for therapuetic effects. 



Trigger points can be tight, painfull knots embedded within a muscle. Trigger point massage aims to reduce the pain within the muscle by treating the specific taught bands of muscle fibres in turn lessening the pain pathways and also stimulate blood supply to the area and help to retore normal function.

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