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Therapy with kinesio tex tape
Person Applying Physio Tape To Man
Knee treated with kinesio tex tape therapy
Patients leg with applied pink and blue kinesio tape on white background
Exercise After Leg Injury With Tape



Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape, developed by Dr Kenzo Kase, is the innovative brightly coloured tape that has been found to help many top level athletes as well as amateur enthusiasts participating in grass roots sport. Here at The Injury Clinic we offer Kinesio Tape to treat and help with a range of problems from shin splints to muscular imbalances. 


Through training and certification we can apply Kensio Tape to help with pain, drainage of swelling within congested areas, help to aid muscle function and adjust mis-alignment to fascia and re-condition abnormal tension within muscles. 


Kinesio Tape is a treatment method that can be applied and last from 3-5 days after application and here at The Injury Clinic we can offer advice and guidence on how to maximise the effects of your treatment. Here at The Injury Clinic we are Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioners (CKTP's) meaning we have undertaken the highest level of training in order to maintain client care and maximise your treatment with us.

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