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Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an ever-growing profession with a direct approach to treating both everyday occupational pain and sporting injuries. The primary focus is to enable the client to return to optimal physical activity and everyday living, pain-free . Here at The Injury Clinic we offer a personal, caring and effective service through providing the best rehabilitation. We treat a wide array of injuries ranging from musculoskeltal pain to neurological problems. Below are a list of treatments we can offer to help you back to full health and improve function.



Using the latest high equipment, we use ultrasound to treat soft tissue injuries and promote healing that results in a quicker and more effective return to activity. A non-allergnic gel is applied to the affected area with a transducer that allows ultrasound waves to pass through the skin which increases blood flow and helps to reduce pain. 



At The Injury Clinic, we use Interferetial Therapy (IFT) as a treatment method to treat soft tissue injuries and muscle strains. By applying small electrode pads the the surrounding area of the injury, electrical stimulations are sent through to the nerve cells to allow for pain blockage and decrease painfull symptoms in clients. IFT increases blood flow to the specific area which helps to promote healing.




Joint mobilisations are used to help with the normal movements of joints. By stabilising pressure on a joint as it moves, we are able to increase the active range of movement at a joint to help with further recovery from injury and gain a pain free range of movement.




In cases where a joint becomes restriced through injury and is not able to move through its normal range, we use manipulations. These are passive movements of the joint to allow and restore joint normality. Joint manipulation allows to decrease musculoskeletal pain and increase range of movement to aid and restore function. 




After injury blood vessels can become damaged and brusing and swelling can occur. At The Injury Clinic, we offer Aircast Cryotherapy to help reduce inflammation and swelling in order to promote the healing process of an injury leading to a quicker healing time. By applying ice compression we are able to slow metabolism and decrease fluid build-up at the injury site. The cold temeperature results in pain decrease due to the temporary reduced feeling in the nerve endings that send signals to the brain detecting pain.



By using heat to treat injuries we can increase the amount of blood flow to the area in order to increase the effectiveness of the healing process. An increase in blood flow can result in a warming effect which then increases circulation which reduces pain and stiffness therefore decreases recovery time, allowing you to return back to full health as quickly as possible.




Once your injury has been diagnosed, throughout your treatment we will prescibe you with home exercise that will be necessary in order to return to full health post injury. Once you are back to full health a range of different excerises and home treatments can be given to help ensure a recurring injury does not occur.


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