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Gait and Motion Footscan

Your feet are often the root cause of injury. Time spent on your feet when there is bad alignment and uneven pressure can further develop to not only foot pain but knee pain, hip pain and back pain.


Completing a full gait analysis here at The Injury Clinic can identify problem areas that can then be corrected via exercise prescription or by prescribing completely personalised orthoses and take the stress off other structures leading to more comfort and reducing your risk of injury.


How does it work?


Data is collected via standing/walking/running across the pressure plate where 8000 sensors then transmit live data across to a screen. This data can then determine arch deterioration, pronation/supination levels, pressure points just to name a few.


Once the data is gathered your Gait and Motions therapist can then create a bespoke exercise or rehabilitation plan or prescribe bespoke 3D printed orthotics to each foot, altering arch height, heel wedge and stiffness to completely fit your foot type down to a 0.1mm accuracy.

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